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Explore the benefits for my child

The latest brain research suggests that long-term and complex musical learning in piano and voice can strengthen white matter connectivity networks related to language and emotions.

With that knowledge, we're excited to welcome you aboard the most comprehensive music programme that aims to develop students' musical ability across complementary disciplines. This class empowers students with a broad range of musical skills, personal growth, and cultural appreciation, providing them with a solid foundation to pursue diverse musical endeavors and contribute meaningfully to the world of music.

By the end of the Versatile Piano, Voice, and Steelpan Class, students will have developed functional skills in piano playing, vocal techniques, and/or steelpan performance and will be well-prepared to perform in various live musical settings and showcase their talents as truly versatile young musicians, capable of captivating and expressive performances at the piano, voice, and/or steelpan through a culturally diverse repertoire of music.

The challenging yet fun and diverse nature of the class encourages personal growth and fosters discipline, dedication, and perseverance. Students build self-awareness, confidence and resilience as they navigate multiple musical disciplines.


What makes this Music Class so special?

Versatile at the Piano, Voice, Steelpan is a dynamic and comprehensive program designed to nurture students' keyboard playing abilities and enable them to become proficient, adaptable, and versatile musicians.

For children progressing from Pre-Piano Classes, this programme is designed to teach the children to play the songs they've been hearing, singing and dancing to throughout the years of early-childhood; it is the final step on the pathway to music literacy.


This specialised Year-long group class at each level,  follows a very sequential approach to building keyboard, vocal, steelpan skills and understanding musical notation.

Classes in small groups allow the children to experience the delight in making music with others, while at the same time encouraging the development of rhythmic competency, listening skills, singing, and music-reading. In addition, learning melodies, scales and chords on the instruments, helps improve more difficult fine and gross motor skills.

     Doing solos (individual renditions) within a group setting, often helps children to manage and overcome performance anxiety.

Class Activities include:

Playing Songs by ear


Sight reading on keys

Reading Notation/Sheet music




Aural Recognition Games



Stories about Composers

and so much more!

What to expect at each Level?

Intro to Versatile at the Piano
Overview: Children will be introduced to playing in D major 5 finger position and the I and V7 chords to accompany their songs.

Versatile At the Piano, Voice, Pan - Level 1
Throughout the entire year, children will become familiar with D, C and G major 5 finger positions as well as d and e minor. They will be introduced to the I and V7 (also i and v7) chords to accompany their songs.

Transposing their repertoire to all known positions is encouraged as each new position is introduced.

Versatile At the Piano, Voice, Pan - Level 2
Throughout the year, the children will become comfortable with D,C,G, add E, Fmajor 5 finger positions as well as d, e as well as c, f minor. They will be introduced to the I and IV,V7 (also i and v7) chords to accompany their songs.

Transposing their repertoire to all known positions is encouraged as each new position is introduced.

Versatile At the Piano, Voice, Pan - Level 3
Playing by ear continues throughout the year, but reading activities are more plentiful. This expanded role of reading music  is found not only in the Children's Book but also in the sight-reading cards and notation games.  We continue to develop piano technique including staccato & legato, chord positions as well as Improvisation.


Keep the learning going at home

We encourage and support continued musical play and learning at home with families. N.B. Smaller class sizes must be coupled with competent parental support for it to work.

We'll provide you with important information on children's (musical) development on a regular basis via our newsletters and access to our e-learning page with suggested home activities and video guides.
You'll also have ready resources at your fingertips with your Children's Course Book, Notation Games, Digital Downloads for Practice CD & Listening CD with quality recordings, Parent Guide Book (highly recommended)  for use at home to increase family involvement, foster the love and appreciation of music, culture and the discipline of practice.


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