Genesis Music Makers Classes: Piano Preparatory I - Pueblo

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Parrandero Semester: Sept 2023-Jan 2024

Tuition Payment Options: Semester/2-Part/3-Part

Semester Materials

Folder: Parent Guide book, high quality vocal & instrumental recordings, Poster, Coloured Photos, Instrument Page, Notation Cards



Use classroom instruments OR purchase your own

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45 mins once weekly

TWO Units in 4½ months 

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Explore the benefits for my primary schooler

Alabanza Music classes are intended to nurture children's natural musical ability and awaken a lifelong love of music via the world renowned Musikgarten curriculum

     Children 5-6yrs are still actively developing their physical bodies and need to MOVE their bodies to learn. Therefore they will readily learn many (musical) concepts (e.g. opposites loud/quiet) through movement based exploration.

     Since at this stage children are capable of singing matching pitches within a specific range, we provide a singing-rich environment with songs that are within their appropriate vocal range to help fine-tune the voice. If they don't use it, they could lose it!

     When it comes to teamwork/ ensemble (playing together), this developing life skill is encouraged as they learn to keep a steady beat with others, wait for musical cues to begin and stop, listen and adjust to changes in the group, improvise rhythms over a steady beat etc. on non-pitched percussion instruments eg.(rhythm sticks, drums) then on melodic instruments (like glockenspiel/keyboard).

"Studies show that 4-, 5-, and 6-year-olds in heavily "academic" classes tend to become less creative and more anxious - without gaining significant advantages over their peers."
Jane M. Healy

Noted author and neuroscience educator
Your Child's Growing Mind


     N.B. Forcing children into individual music lessons with heavy music reading and theory is not developmentally appropriate and denies young children of these interactive opportunties for personal growth. As such, group music making fosters not just musical but socio-emotional, physical and intellectual development.

What activities are done in this Musical Pueblo class?

This class is all about community "pueblo" and is Level I of our Piano Preparatory curriculum designed to bridge the gap between earlier Family Music classes and the groundbreaking Music Makers At the Piano class up ahead.

Children just entering primary are now ready for a more independently structured music experience and learning through play continues as activities are presented in a developmentally sound, playful manner; the focus being on enjoying learning through process rather than the pressure of performance.

Parents/Caregivers sit in towards the end of the session for review.


This class cultivates the child's musical development through singing, tonal and rhythm patterns, poetry and storytelling, movement activities, guided listening, playing familiar melodies on pitched instruments and manipulative games. Having more complex play-filled musical interactions gives children a basic foundation in musicianship with joy.


Rudimentary music skills such as pitch matching, beat competency, ensemble development, and music notation are dealt with using themes from the child's home environment and natural surroundings. Children begin learning more about rests, common melodic patterns, rhythmic patterns, tempo, dynamics and instrument classification etc.


Whether it's building a paper boat, making a pair of maracas from scratch or colouring poster pages,

we do artwork too, all part of helping develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Keep the learning going at home

We encourage and support continued musical play and learning at home with families.

We'll provide you with:

•important information on children's (musical) development on a regular basis via our newsletters

•access to our e-learning page with suggested home activities and supplementary themed videos.
You'll also have ready resources at your fingertips with:

• fun family packets including Packets with themed materials for use at home to increase family involvement in the learning process and foster the love and appreciation of music and nature.

Here's what parents/caregivers say about us…

What's our Class size like?

Unlike typical Class settings, Our Class Sizes are small, a tremendous benefit to all!

This gives our teachers an opportunity to offer your child more personalized instruction within a group setting

Emprical Research proves students in smaller class sizes outperform those who are taught in larger groups, classroom management is more effective and students pay more attention.

N.B. Smaller class sizes work best with consistent parental support for success!