Parent Orientation

We'll help guide you on how to successfully navigate your child's musical journey!

Who should attend?

All of the adult family members who would be involved in the child's education whether it is directly by participating in classes or at home reinforcing should attend. So Mom, Dad, Uncle/Aunt, other significant adults in the child's life (etc.) are encouraged to attend.
The Education sessions are adults only, with the exception of young, pre-crawling infants. (You are welcome to inquire for exceptions to this. We want to accommodate all who are interested.)  It is an opportunity to look deeper into why we do what we do....both music and parenting.

A Must-Attend!

 This is required every Semester you are enrolled. It is mandatory for new families and required for continuing families. Even though some may have attended in the past, the material will be fresh and your insights will be important having experienced some classes with your child.

Your questions, comments and observations as a new or an experienced MusikgartenTT parent/caregiver are invaluable.


In the Long run...

Experience has shown that the parents/caregivers who stay deeply connected and interested in the role of music in early childhood, its potential and its realities, are more likely to stay involved and stay interested in their child's development and progression from one stage to the next, through the difficulties that are life's eventualities. If parents/caregivers stay committed to continuously expanding their knowledge and understanding in this field, it is ultimately the child who benefits.