Adult Piano Classes

Great News!

Enjoying Piano & Spanish is for

Anyone who took lessons as a child and quit

Anyone who took lessons in the past but can't remember much

Anyone who learned the traditional way but wants to learn to play by ear

Totally clueless beginners who have never studied any music

In other words, ANYONE who wants to have fun playing the piano!

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Course Tuition

Parrandero Semester (8-week course)

Special Discount for 65yrs+


Course Book, Notation Games, Digital Downlaod & CD for Practice and Listening


Keyboard, Stand and Bench are required. Approved instruments only! Adults are encouraged to bring their personal instrument and equipment to class.  If unable to, in-class rental is available.

Explore the Benefits

Alabanza Music classes are intended to nurture one's innate musical ability.
Classes at the keyboard in small groups allow adults to experience the delight in making music with others, while at the same time encouraging the development of rhythmic competency, listening skills, singing, and music-reading. In addition, learning melodies, scales and chords on the instruments, helps develop more intricate fine motor skills.

Doing solos (individual renditions) within a group setting, helps to manage and overcome performance anxiety. In fact, according groundbreaking research “performing music-through singing, drumming and dancing- all resulted in participants having higher pain thresholds in comparison to listening to music alone.” 


It is well established that musical training is associated with experience-driven brain plasticity and protection against age-related cognitive decline. So while aging is typically characterised by neurodegeneration, it doesn't have to be for you! Yay! The latest research in Neuroscience proves that learning to play the piano at an advanced age may stabilize white matter - in other words - starting to learn to play the piano in later life can actually stop cognitive impairment in its tracks, dramatically decreasing the chances of memory problems, dementia and the onset of Alzheimer's!

What makes this Piano class unique?

 This course opens up a natural pathway to become truly versatile musicians. Following a sequential programme which builds a solid foundation in technique, the ability to play by ear, reading music, ensemble playing and music appreciation, you will be amazed at what you can accmplish!

You'll also acquire the ability to transfer knowledge to other instruments, having played a repertoire of music from our own culture and across the globe - a highly valuable and unique skillset combination for a musician!


Playing Songs by Ear


Sight reading on keys

Reading Notation/Sheet music





Conversing in Spanish

 with phrases and vocab

tailored to

your interest

Keep the learning going at home

We encourage and support continued musical play and learning at home with families. We'll provide you with important information on the impact of music on the brain via our newsletters, webinars and access to our e-learning page with suggested home activities and video guides.
You'll also have ready resources at your fingertips with your Course Book, Notation Games, Digital Downloads for Practice CD & Listening CD with quality recordings, Parent Guide Book (highly recommended)  for use at home to increase family involvement in the learning process and foster the love and appreciation of music and culture and the discipline of practice..