Bilingual Family Music Classes - Babies

Parrandero Semester: Sept '23-Jan '24

St. Augustine

Saturdays   10:45am


 Saturdays 10:45am

St. Aug  | Virtual (Todos Together)

Thu 6:00pm  |   Wed 10:45am

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Explore the benefits for baby

More brain development occurs in the first 18 months than any other time in life. Therefore, babies whose parents/caregivers are consistently engaged alongside our high-quality research-based curriculum, stand to benefit the most with:

Cognitive development: Listening to and interacting with music can improve their memory, attention span, and problem-solving skills.
Language development:  through singing and verbal interactions (not just recordings) alongside exposure to different sounds and words.
Motor skills: through actions like clapping hands, tapping feet, and dancing to the rhythm of the music and fingerplays help baby build body awareness
Emotional expression: as babies can respond to music by expressing their feelings through movements, facial expressions, and vocalizations.
Social interaction: Group activities and musical games promote social skills, such as turn-taking, sharing, and cooperation.
Bonding and attachment: between parents/caregivers and infants. Singing and moving together can create a sense of connection and security for the baby.
Sensory stimulation: through multiple senses, such as hearing, sight and touch can enrich the baby's overall development.
Relaxation and stress reduction: Having a repertoire of lullabies will help not only help soothe your baby, as it slows down the heart rate, but also bathe them in expansive vocabulary and the nuances of music with the comforting sound of their most familiar voice - a great addition to bedtime routine.
Cultural exposure: By introducing babies to different types of music from various cultures, they gain exposure to diversity and a broader understanding of the world around them.

Research shows participation in babies' music classes, increases baby's aptitude for all future learning activities.

What should a music class for babies include?

Music is a wonderful tool available to parents/caregivers to help stimulate baby's senses, encourage motor skills, and promote cognitive development. Babies class is specifically designed for the bonding and nurturing needs of the youngest children. Most importantly, children will be guaranteed their parent’s/caregiver's undivided attention with fun, developmentally-appropriate activities.

Singing galore!

 Your voice is most familiar and baby is your #1 fan, so with simple songs, we engage baby's attention and encourage them to vocalize.

Feeling the beat

Through clapping, tapping, and age-appropriate small percussion instruments, rhythm stimulates brain growth.

Patterns on repeat

Regular exposure to rhythmic and tonal patterns help with pattern recognition with language.
Movement and Dance

Wiggling and tickling, baby massages, gentle guided movements and dancing, allow baby to feel the nuances of music,

Object Exploration

From instruments like shakers, rhytm sticks, hand-drums to scarves, we help stimulate their senses

Family Education

Helping parents/carers understand more about their baby's development and tips for practical daily applications

Keep the musical play going at home.

We encourage and support continued musical play and learning at home with families.

We'll provide you with important information on infant (musical) development on a regular basis via our newsletters and access to our e-learing resource.
You'll also have ready resources at your fingertips including high quality digital recordings with fine children’s choirs, adult voices and outstanding instrumentalists and your parent guidebook along with rhythm sticks, a Musikgarten rattle, and colorful scarf, will give you many opportunities for enjoyment.

Here's what parents/caregivers say about us…

"I like that she watches and focuses and listens, like when we at home and I'm instructing her to do something, she listens to me and I think that has a lot to do with class too.

Since she started I remember she was really fussy and never used to really focus on the class and the activities, but coming in every week is what I think made the difference." 

Mom of Milan

7 month old Musikgarten baby

Prefer another class location/time option? Have more than one child under 5yrs? Ask about our Todos Together mixed age group class!