In-School Music & Movement Ed

Alabanza Music, the exclusive certified and licensed provider of early childhood music and movement from birth in Trinidad & Tobago, is delighted to offer multilingual music and movement education to day-care centres, kindergartens, preschools and primary schools. We believe each child should have access to a musical childhood that includes play-based, developmentally appropriate musical engagement provided, guided, or supplemented by a professional early childhood music educator. As such, we help empower teachers and parents with the knowledge and skills to be able to support their children's early learning through music.

Meet our Team


Lisa Darmanie

Founder of Alabanza Music

Certified Specialist in Early Childhood Music & Movement Education (ECMMA, USA)

B.A. Musical Arts, Spanish (Hons) UWI

Jáel Crawford

Music Facilitator

Specialisation in Piano/Keyboard

B.A. Musical Arts UWI

The International Musikgarten® Curriculum

Administrators of schools can now offer the world-renowned, research-based, developmentally appropriate Musikgarten® programme to their school community through Alabanza Music. The Musikgarten® curriculum has been specifically researched and designed for use in the school classroom. This programme is more than just an easy way to introduce your children to music. It can contribute positively to children's aesthetic, expressive, emotional, intellectual, social, physical, spiritual, and creative development.

<<By offering intentionally responsive, play-based, developmentally appropriate music engagement opportunities, adults honor young children’s agency for music making.>>(NAfME)



​The Music and movement activities done in this programme serve to build the sensory-motor foundation for learning, respecting the  child's growing independence and developing competencies. Reinforcing the theme of nature, we delight in songs from our home and cultures all around the world, some in different languages such as Spanish, French, Swahili etc., numerous developmental movement activities, exciting exploration of instruments and stories for the children to act out and embellish.

Musical & Developmental Goals include:

1. Help children learn to control their bodies by engaging them in music and movement activities designed to nurture gross and fine motor skills, foster impulse control and recharge their brains, given them the mental energy needed to succeed in school.
2. Develop good listeners by engaging children in listening activities designed to nurture aural discrimination skills, focus attention and foster concentration.
3. Foster children’s language development by engaging them in singing games, stories and poetry, multilingual repertoire, which nurture verbal skills, memory, creativity and emergent literacy skills.

Do we need to use materials for class?

In order to support continued learning at home from activities done in class, families will receive quality children's CDs with Digital Download recordings, parent guide song-books with picture listening cards, and folders with notation cards and mini posters. Listening to the recordings will help increase family involvement in the learning process and foster the love and appreciation of nature and music.

What about instruments? 
The teacher will provide instruments for use in class and parents will have the option of purchasing instruments to continue the music making at home. Materials and instruments are optional in the first term but required in the second term.

Tuition Fees

Tuition rates quoted on our website for in-school classes are our standard school rates. These are discounted rates compared to our weekend and after-school classes at Alabanza Music locations and may vary according to school demographics and schedule. Get in touch for a quote for your school.


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Primary school

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Give the joy of music and movement to babies and tots in your care


Musikgarten® Courses for Schools 

from Sept 2022 onwards