Music & Spanish in Schools

Alabanza Music, the exclusive certified provider of early childhood music and movement from birth in Trinidad & Tobago, is delighted to offer multilingual music and movement education to day-care centres, kindergartens, preschools and primary schools.

We believe each child should have access to a musical childhood that includes play-based, developmentally appropriate musical engagement that is provided, guided and/or supplemented by a professional early childhood bilingual music educator.

To ensure success, we help empower teachers and parents with the knowledge and skills to be able to support their children's early learning through music.

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What does Multilingual Music and Movement entail?

Multilingual music education refers to the incorporation of multiple languages into music learning. It exposes students to different cultural expressions and broadens their linguistic abilities. In our classes, our linguistic journey begins with English and Spanish but we often incorporate other languages from around the globe.

Through movement, children engage multiple senses, enhancing their understanding of music and their bodies. Movement also enriches the music experience for children, making learning joyful and memorable.

Marvellous Music & Movement Education from Preschool to Primary


Multilingual Music and Movement Education

Our Goals include:

1. Creating a stimulating and inclusive learning environment that promotes creativity, self-expression, and cultural awareness.

2. Fostering children’s dual language development by engaging them in singing games, stories and poetry, multilingual repertoire, which nurture verbal skills, memory, creativity and emergent literacy skills, enabling children to become confident bilingual communicators.

3. Helping children learn to control their bodies by engaging them in music and movement activities designed to nurture gross and fine motor skills, foster impulse control and recharge their brains, giving them the mental energy needed to succeed in school.

4. Developing focus by engaging children in listen, move and play activities designed to nurture aural discrimination skills, targeted attention and concentration.

<<By offering intentionally responsive, play-based, developmentally appropriate music engagement opportunities, adults honor young children’s agency for music making.>> (NAfME)


Celebrate the growing independence of preschoolers with multilingual music and movement.



The highest brain development takes place within the first 18 months. Give the joy of music and movement to babies and tots in your care


Primary school

Provide a solid foundation in music and fast-track Spanish acquisition with broad-based music and movement experiences to primary schoolers.

We specialise in school-wide implementation of our tailor-made curriculum inclusive of building enriching choral and instrumental ensemble experiences alongside Spanish language development.