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Music and language are an essential part of life, and we all have innate musical ability which can be nurtured to become a lifelong companion.

Alabanza Music Education is the exclusive certified provider of age-specific and developmentally appropriate all-in-one music, movement and multi-language education classes for from baby to retiree in Trinidad & Tobago. With a research-based, holistic approach to teaching, supported by the internationally renowned Musikgarten® programme, our multi-sensory curriculum focuses on the developmental needs of children as they grow from one stage to the next and beyond.


Music and movement can supercharge your brain!

We can help you light up your world with music!

Classes for all ages!

Our qualified and experienced team at Alabanza Music will help you nurture this gift, enhancing both the child’s musical ability and developing life skills.


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Within every child is the voice, the movement, the language of music and for your child, there is no greater pleasure than when we join in the fun! 
Alabanza Music Education is the key that opens the door to your child's unique world.