Musikgarten Trinidad & Tobago

What is Musikgarten®?

Musikgarten® is a complete multi-year education programme from birth that helps infants, toddlers and older children develop a deep love of music and the ability to express it. Musikgarten® is the leader in early childhood music education internationally with presence in the USA, Canada, Germany, Asia and around the world! 



Musikgarten® in Trinidad & Tobago!
This revolutionary early music programme, is now available in Trinidad & Tobago since 2016, with licensed and ECMMA certified Early Childhood Music & Movement Specialist, Ms. Lisa Darmanie de Quiñones and team.
We are proud to be the first Caribbean country to offer Musikgarten's unparallelled comprehensive and sequential plan of musical development for children from birth throughout childhood and we are delighted to have the endorsement of the Department for Creative and Festival Arts at The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine. 


We've enhanced its dynamism by tailoring the curriculum to be more linguistically and culturally pertinent, placing a strong focus on  Spanish language acqusition and exploring our diverse Caribbean musical heritage, starting with our Calypso, Parang, Chutney, and Folk music.



Give your child the right start!

By enrolling your child in a Musikgarten® class, you have taken the first step towards ensuring that your child reaches his/her full music potential. In fact, Musikgarten is the only early-childhood music program in Trinidad & Tobago that can see your child through from birth until s/he is successfully making music at the piano-keyboard.

We do this through a carefully sequenced plan that we often refer to as the pathway to music literacy. This pathway refers to the way Musikgarten® develops activities, allowing them to evolve in each class in a way that is appropriate to the age and experience of the child.

What makes Musikgarten® so special?

Through a research-based curriculum, Musikgarten® helps develop your child holistically, and the Musikgarten® teacher presents music in a way that appeals to parents/caregivers and children and nurtures children's natural inclination toward music, movement and learning. Being in Musikgarten® classes will help establish a solid musical foundation and secure your child’s musical future.


Reap Rewards with an Award-winning Programme!

At Alabanza Music, we are thrilled and deeply honoured to receive the Musikgarten® Exemplary Award for the 2022-2023 and 2021-2022 period, recognising the outstanding international Musikgarten programme we offer right here in Trinidad & Tobago.
Our sincerest gratitude goes out to the incredible families who have been a part of our journey for the past 7 years, embracing our multilingual music and movement education from birth programme.
Celebrating over 20 years in education, we take immense pride in being the forefront leader in early music education. 

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Welcome to Musikgarten®  Trinidad & Tobago!

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