Keyboard Lessons (13+)

For younger children, view our pre-requisite Musikgarten Classes. For adults, view our Adult Classes.

Want to have the freedom to express the music you love?
We are here to help! You'll not only develop the ability to play with expression and accuracy but also learn how to include yourself in the dynamics of a live band setting.
You'll engage your most important skill- listening- in ways that are vital for a musician so that you can truly be versatile, comfortably read sheet music with expression as well as playing music by ear and much more!

What to expect in Piano-Keyboard Lessons?
Small classes  .  Hands-on approach  .   Individual attention
Sound before sight!  You learned to speak from hearing right? Therefore it's only natural to develop the musical ear before you start to express and read. Classes are dedicated to getting to connect the fingers and ears to the instrument.
Singing helps to develop sound awareness, a sense of pitch and identifying the notes more easily by ear.
Aural training with Echo Rhythm and Tonal patterns helps develop understanding of rhythm and pitch accuracy.
Mobile aids Students play alongside audio accompaniment on mobile devices which helps develop listening skills and hand-ear-eye coordination.
E-learning Members only Area access with at home activities including music games, supplementary material and supporting videos.

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