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St.AUG DCFA UWI / ONLINE - Saturdays 9:40am

SANDO GVCC - Saturdays 4:30pm

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Semester: 17 sessions

Explore the benefits for my primary schooler

     Even as children get older and start school, play is important and it's still how children learn. Play-filled musical interactions and hands-on exploration help build social, emotional and thinking skills.

         Children 5-6yrs are still actively developing their physical bodies and need to MOVE their bodies to learn. Therefore they will readily learn many musical and language concepts (e.g. opposites loud/quiet) readily through movement based exploration.

Analytical Skills:  By learning to recognize and replicate rhythmic and melodic patterns, your child can improve the ability to identify patterns in other areas of life, such as in math, language, and problem-solving.

Critical Listening: Paying attention to various elements like tempo, dynamics, and instrumentation hones the ability to listen carefully and identify details, which is essential for understanding complex information and making informed decisions.

Creativity & Expression: We bring stories alive through guided movement and encourage self-expression and improvisation. Singing helps you learn new words and how to talk clearly. Your child can become a great communicator and storyteller.

Cultural adventures:  Diverse music repertoire from home and around the world exposes children to various cultural elements, fostering an appreciation for culture and traditions.

Vocal Development: Since at this stage children are capable of singing matching pitches within a specific range, we provide a singing-rich environment with songs that are within their appropriate vocal range to help fine-tune the voice.

Teamwork on a whole other level!   Through ensemble activities (playing/singing together), children learn to follow the conductor, wait for musical cues to begin and stop, listen and adjust to changes in the group, improvise rhythms over a steady beat etc. on non-pitched percussion instruments eg.(rhythm sticks, drums) then on melodic instruments (like glockenspiel/keyboard/pan).


Truly Bilingual: Using music as a tool for learning foreign languages, supported by parent participation in the learning process, can lead to a higher level of bilingualism as the child grows, improved linguistic abilities and a strong foundation for future language learning.

Versatile Communicator: Engaging in foreign language learning through music and movement also lends easily to an increased understanding of English grammar and vocabulary, leading to improved reading, writing, and communication skills in their native language. 
Cultural Ambassador: Ultimately you're helping your child to connect with Spanish-speaking peers and communities, have deeper appreciation for different perspectives across language and cultural boundaries, while expanding future career and business opportunities.


What activities are done in this Musical Mundo class?

Imagine your child being able to figure out what the notes on a sheet of music sound like without even touching an instrument,

or listening to a song and identifying the musical patterns to be able to write them.

Now that's true music literacy - the ability to see what you hear and hear what you see!

Take a trip around the world musically and linguistically with us with exciting cultural studies of the British Isles, Germany, Caribbean, delving into our Spanish, French, African, Indian heritage! Experience traditional and folk songs, instruments, dances, stories, and customs with diverse musical repertoire, all while building foundational keyboard and vocals skills alongside basic understanding of musical notation.
We engage your child's fascination with all things new and different as a part of developing music literacy and experiencing the joy of making music together through singing, ear training, playing instruments, ensemble work and creative movement activities.
We continue our musical explorations with exciting cultural studies of the heritage of the  Amerindians/First Peoples, British Isles, Germany, Caribbean and beloved folk songs of Parang, experiencing native songs, instruments, dances, stories, and customs with diverse musical repertoire from around the world while building keyboard skills and understanding musical notation.
Throughout the year (two semesters), the children will use the piano keyboards/glockenspiel while refining the voice, as they begin playing parts of their songs using the same method they'll use At the Piano the following year.

Keep the learning going at home

We encourage and support continued musical play and learning at home with families.

We'll provide you with important information on (musical) development on a regular basis via our newsletters and access to our e-learning page with suggested home activities and supplementary themed videos.
You'll also have ready resources at your fingertips with fun family packets including Packets with themed materials for use at home to increase family involvement in the learning process and foster the love and appreciation of music and culture.


Why Choose this Group class and not a regular Music Class?

 How many times have we heard about children who start enthusiastically and quit because the child's lost their zeal or see it as too much work? That's because forcing children into (individual) music lessons settings too early, bogged down with music reading and theory exercises, denies young children real-life, interactive growth opportunities. The research clearly shows that group music making fosters not just musical, but socio-emotional, physical and intellectual development.

This Music Makers around the World "Mundo" class is Level II of our Preparatory Piano sequential program designed to give your child a solid music-making foundation for groundbreaking Music Makers at the Piano curriculum up ahead. 

At the end of the year, children and parents are encouraged to join us for our Intro to Piano Class, where they will be introduced to the group, aural method used in Tocando Piano Level 1 Class.

What's our Class size like?

Unlike typical Class settings, Our Class Sizes are small, a tremendous benefit to all!

This gives our teachers an opportunity to offer your child more personalized instruction within a group setting.

N.B. Smaller class sizes work best with consistent parental support for success!