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Have you been thinking about enrolling your child in music classes but want to make sure it's the right fit before making a long-term commitment? 

Now is your chance!

Start with an Introductory Class at Alabanza MusicVersity! 

This is where you get introduced to a dynamic music class, the only one of its kind in Trinidad & Tobago, with an age-relevant and engaging approach to education, by actively participating in your recommended class, alongside other registered member-families, 

What makes the Introductory Class such a great opportunity?

You and/or your child will get to experience the joys of multilingual music and movement in one session and we get to know eachother before you commit to the full course. After attending your Introductory class, sign up for the full course on the spot (same day), and your session fee will be credited towards the course registration. You'll also get to keep the spot in the same class you've attended!* 

We're big on supporting family-centred education!

We want to make sure each family gets to truly enjoy their class and has so much fun, understanding the benefits of music, that they want to continue so we'll send you some important tips before attending the session..


1. Confirm the class that fits your child's age. If uncertain, get in touch via message on WhatsApp 709-9588 with your teacher for the location.
2. Check Schedule and verify by message that there is a class that day/time in case we may be on a break, have a full class or have rescheduled.
3. Complete Introductory Music Class Registration Form no later than TWO (2) BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR TO CLASS DAY.

Introductory Class Registration: $150.

Look out for an email confirmation by next business day with your booking order with payment instructions via online banking

PLEASE NOTE: Parents/Caregivers are required to attend our Parent Education Session when registering for Classes

Refer a friend who enrols with you and get $100 Credit towards your next Semester!

By Registering for classes at Alabanza Music, you agree to adhere to our Class Policies.
Have more questions? Check out our Class FAQ

*Bookings and Bonus sessions subject to availability if classes are not yet filled. We do not offer make-up sessions. If missing a class, please cancel the appointment via email/WhatsApp. You will be allowed a courtesy re-schedule date if cancellation is done 2 business days prior to the class.

The Music & Brain Connection

What we now know is that learning a musical instrument and foundation music education skills — such as clapping in time, singing in tune and moving to music — are some of the most complex cognitive activities the brain can undertake. They involve the auditory, motor and visual cortices communicating at an astonishingly fast rate...The list of skills and abilities that music learning develops is still very long, but it has started to be sorted under three main areas: language development, executive skills and social skills development.

Excerpt from "Music Education Helps Children's Ability to Learn" by Dr. Anita Collins, Neuromosical Educator and Award Winning Educator, Researcher and Writer in the field of brain development and learing music. October 2018

Parents Play an Important Role

Music Education is no longer considered just a fun extra-curricular activity but a fundamental part of development during the early years. Decades of research proves and endorses that music training is not just for children who show interest in music, but beneficial to all. Therefore statements like: “I want to see how my child responds to the class" or "I'll wait and see if he/she shows an interest in music” cannot be accepted. Just as children frequently spoken to develop speech/language ability, similarly children's innate musicality can be developed once parents understand the pivotal role they play, then provide the environment in which their children can be successful.

You'll find out more when you attend our required Parent Education Webinar.

Alabanza Music classes are intended to nurture natural musical ability and awaken a lifelong love of music via our world renowned Musikgarten curriculum


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