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Complete Checkout no later than two business days prior to Class Day by 11:00am. If no spots in that session, the booking will be transferred to the next available session. Your booking is only confirmed by payment.  No refunds for missed sessions. One courtesy reschedule may be provided within the Semester if notice given the day prior by 5:00pm. If you haven't received communication from us within 2 business days, review your email to verify that your checkout was actually submitted, as automated emails are generated on checkout. If you need any further info or assistance, get in touch via regular mobile phone or WhatsApp message 709-9588

Why start with Alabanza Music?

With over 20 years in Music and Bilingual Education, you'll be guided by Trinidad and Tobago's first and only Certified ECMMA Specialist in Early Childhood Music and Movement Education and multilinguist Mrs. Lisa Darmanie de Quiñones and highly qualified team members who are passionate about teaching kids. Alabanza Music is also the exclusive provider in the Caribbean of the international Musikgarten programme.

What classes/courses do we offer?

Over 10 age-specific classes from baby to retiree.  

Where are you located?

San Fernando, St. Augustine, Online

Why this isn't it called a 'trial' class?

Music is an essential part of our human existance and research repeatedly endorses that music training is not just for those who show interest in music, but beneficial to all. That's why universities world-wide are dedicated to studying music to gain more insight into the brain and body.

So, you're not coming to 'try out' to see if your child likes it (that's likely a given) or if they're good at it (you 'try out' with football, gymnastics etc.). Since your brain is pre-wired for music just as it is for language, you're coming to music class because...
  - music is a survival tool to help you successfully navigate life's vast ocean of experiences, 

- music gives you life-long skills with daily opportunities for fulfillment and enjoyment.

- music training is fundamental for your family's development

Is the Introductory class obligation-free?

Absolutely! You only continue with us if you're ready to commit and invest in your family's development through music. By actively participating in your recommended class, alongside other member-families, we get to know eachother, and you get introduced to a dynamic multilingual music and movement class, the only one of its kind in Trinidad & Tobago.

Are there any discounts with the Introductory Class?

Love it - Start it!

Sign up for the full course within 3 days of your Introductory session, and get up to $100 discount on your Semester Registration!

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For every friend you refer who enrols with you in the Semester, you'll get $100 Credit towards the following Semester!

What are class fees like?

Tuition for classes vary depending on the age group, starting at $80/session but you register for the duration of the course. Each class has required materials and instruments which are detailed on the booking order page for the course.

Have more questions? Check out our Class FAQ. Message/Call us.

Parents Play an Important Role

 Just as children frequently spoken to develop speech/language ability, similarly children's innate musicality can be developed once parents understand the pivotal role they play, then provide the environment in which their children can be successful.

You'll find out more when you attend our required Parent Education Webinar.