Musikgarten - Music Education from birth

Explore a world of possibilities through music!

Did you know that by enrolling your child in a Musikgarten class you have taken the first step towards ensuring that your child reaches his/her full music potential? In fact, Musikgarten is the only early-childhood music program in Trinidad & Tobago that can see your child through from birth until s/he is successfully making music at the piano-keyboard.

We do this through a carefully sequenced plan that we often refer to as the pathway to music literacy. This pathway refers to the way Musikgarten develops particular activities, allowing them to evolve in each class in a way that is appropriate to the age and experience of the child.

What is Musikgarten?
Musikgarten is a complete multi-year education programme from birth that helps infants, toddlers and older children develop a deep love of music and the ability to express it. Musikgarten is the leader in early childhood music education internationally with presence in the USA, Canada, Germany, Asia. This revolutionary early music programme, is now available in Trinidad & Tobago, with licensed and certified Early Childhood Music & Movement Specialist, Ms. Lisa and the team.

Through a research-based curriculum, Musikgarten helps develop your child holistically, and the Musikgarten teacher presents music in a way that appeals to parents/caregivers and children and nurtures children's natural inclination toward music, movement and learning. Being in Musikgarten classes will help establish a solid musical foundation and secure your child’s musical future.






Each Semester is divided into TWO Parts / Themed Units

Calypso Semester
February - June
Part 1: Feb-Mar | Part 2 Apr-Jun

Parrandero Semester
September - January
Part 1: Sept-Oct | Part 2 Nov-Jan

UPDATE: Classes are offered online and on-site at our Valsayn & San Fernando locations, in compliance with the latest public health ordinances.
When you sign up for a class, you agree to our POLICIES and REOPENING GUIDELINES.

Ages: 0-5yrs

Newborn - 15ms
Bouncing Bambinos

Regular rate: $90/session+

Tots & Preschoolers:
15ms - 4yrs
Playful Piccolos

Regular rate: $110/session+
Semester Theme: Animal Friends

Active Allegros

Regular rate: $100/session+

Piano Preparatory

Ages: 5yrs-7yrs
1stYr - Std 1
Piano Preparatory I

Regular rate: $100/session+
Part 1 Unit Theme: Cattail
Part 2 Unit Theme: Meadow

Ages: 6yrs-9yrs
Std 1 -3
Piano Preparatory II

Regular rate: $110/session+
Part 1 Unit Theme: German Music
Part 2 Unit Theme: Blk Music Culture

At the Piano

Ages: 8yrs+
Std 3 onwards
At the Piano - Level 1

Regular rate: $120/session+

Ages: 8yrs+
Std 3 onwards
At the Piano - Level 2

Regular rate: $120/session+

Ages: 8yrs+
Std 3 onwards
At the Piano - Level 3

Regular rate: $120/session+

Ages: 8yrs+
Std 3 onwards
At the Piano - Level 4


Try out one of our classes in January 2022 for FREE!

Ages: Newborn-4yrs
(babies, toddlers, preschoolers)
Drop-in Session: $100

Ages: 5-7yrs
(Primary: 1stYr- Std 1)
Drop-in Session: $100

Ages: 7yrs +
(Std 1 -3)
Drop-in Session: $100

Ages: 9yrs +
(Std 3 onwards)
Drop-in Session: $100

Other Musikgarten classes

Newborn - 4yrs+
Babies, Tots, Presch
Todos Together - Mixed ages

Regular rate: $85/session+
Sibling Add-on: $55/session+
Theme: Twist & Turn

For Preschools
Preschool Music Keys

Preschool Groups

Enjoying Piano

Regular rate: $90/session+
Seniors rate: $70/session+
Levels 1, 2, 3

The Musikgarten Advantage

Caters to children's needs

Musikgarten is the only programme that caters for the unique developmental needs of children at each age.

Exploring Various Cultures

Musikgarteners get to explore culture through a variety of classical and folk songs and dances from all around the world, including repertoire in foreign languages such as Spanish, French, German..

Interrelated Material

All of the classes are interrelated, so that material introduced at one level serves as building blocks for the next level.

High Quality Education

By using only the highest-quality educational resources and instruments, you can help deepen a child's appreciation for music and the natural world around, building a foundation for life-long music making

Sequential programme

As the children grow-up in Musikgarten, this sequential planning makes it easier for the students to develop musical competence and graduate to instrumental playing and performance.

Understanding Children

The Musikgarten teacher presents music in a way that appeals to parents and their children and nurtures children’s natural inclination toward music, movement and learning.

The International Musikgarten

A Parent's Perspective

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