Why Choose us?

We believe..

Teaching Music, Understanding Children

Music and language, once critically engaged, can stimulate enjoyable and rewarding learning experiences. Education involves much more than cramming and recalling facts and procedures; it is a dynamic creative process of shaping the minds of individuals with unique personalities and skills to function to the best of their ability in today's society with the rapidly advancing demands of the 21st century.


  • Music is a gift that God has given us for divine honour and encouragement to each other.

  • Music is the most powerful and influential art form in the world.

  • Every human is instinctively musical and music is a integral part of our daily existence.

  • There is a strong connection between music and language in the brain and this connection should be harnessed from an early age.

  • Music is so versatile that can be used to teach any subject.

  • Involvement in music training is a medium for individuals to be able to gain meaningful emotional and social connections, recognition and great sense of achievement.

Creativity and Cultural Relevance

One of the most effective tools in engaging the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains of individuals across a range of abilities is music. By manipulating language, turning facts into rhythmic patterns, stories into songs with movement, we help students quickly grasp new material based on familiar songs, rhythms within the framework of their cultural experience.

Brain Boosting Benefits

Studies show that music training can improve executive functions i.e. high-level cognitive processes that enable people to quickly process and retain information, regulate their behaviors, make good choices, solve problems, plan and adjust to changing mental demands. We encourage students to go beyond regurgitation and develop critical thinking and listening skills.

Sound before sight

Since the majority of what we have learned in life since birth has come primarily from what we have heard and seen and subsequently what we have read, we ensure the focus is firstly on listening, singing and moving before reading and writing.


Individualised Instruction

We understand that students possess unique learning styles. Creating a classroom experience catering for multiple intelligences is one of our major goals. We provide individualized instruction within a small group setting so that the pace of learning is in keeping with the abilities and interests of the student.

Collaboration and Excellence

We are always seeking ways to improve and enhance the learning process and are in constant communication with parents and students to work together to create the right environment for growth. Expectations are set high for each learner and we demand excellence through discipline and dedication.


In this era of information technology, it is imperative that curricula be designed to facilitate and maximize technology applications in the learning environment. Our instruction is delivered through various hands-on methods and multiple forms of media including instructional videos, audio clips, animations, interactive games and applications in class as well as online via our E-learning Page.