Playful Piccolos Class (Part 1)

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Capture your child's imagination with activities designed to bridge the natural connection between music, movement and early learning. Get the family together, making marvellous music with age-relevant, fun and engaging activities to stimulate their socio-emotional, physical, linguistic and cognitive development.

Musikgarten Class: Family Music

Age range: 1 - 4 years 

Calypso Semester: February - June
Tuition: Part 1 Feb-Mar $880 | Part 2 Apr-Jun $880

Duration: 8 weekly sessions per Part

Class length: up to 45 mins with parent/caregiver in session with child
Group Size: North on-site 6 | South on-site 10 | Online 16
Online & On-site Locations: View below

Required Course Materials: Folders with activities, parent guide, CD/Digital Download with quality recordings and exclusive access to the e-learning resource page. $290 for Semester

Class Instruments: Online/On-site families must select an instrument kit for home & class use. Rhythm sticks and jingles are required. $160-$450+

Payment Methods: Online Banking, LINX Debit, Credit Cards 5% S/C
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Product Overview

Description: These classes are action-filled for toddlers, preschoolers and their parents - full of energy, often on the move, exploring and learning, balanced with calming moments to help regulate their emotions.

Activities: We'll experience the joy of playing together through finger plays, wiggling and tickling activities, body awareness songs and bouncing songs. Dancing with scarves and hiding games are also part of the fun!

Musical & Developmental Goals: They'll also be engaged in rocking and bouncing activities, circle songs and listening excerpts and tonal and rhythmic patterns to shape listening skills and acquaint the child with the nuances of music. Movement is a big part of this class to allow children to feel the beat of music and learn about spatial awareness while enhancing their gross motor skills and coordination with instruments such as rhythm sticks, jingles, rattles, occasional use drums. 

Parents! It is normal for children to wander during this class, and adults are not to worry... they are still listening while in the environment and taking everything in!

Take a Peek into class: Playful Piccolos Class Videos

Materials: Additionally, you’ll receive a wonderful CD & Digital Download recordings by a fine children’s choir and outstanding instrumentalists. Using your parent guidebook along with an instrument or scarf that comes with the Semester materials to use at home for more fun time together.

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