Family Music (0-5yrs)

Our 2020-2021 Parrandero & Calypso Semesters will be offered in two parts:

Parrandero Semester
Part 1: Sep-Oct | Part 2: Nov-Jan 

Calypso Semester
Part 1: Feb-April | Part 2: April-June
Classes will be offered as blended learning; virtual live-stream classes online and/or in-person when available.


Musikgarten - music to your ears!

Did you know that by enrolling your child in a Musikgarten class you have taken the first step to ensuring that your child reaches his/her full music potential? In fact, Musikgarten is the only early-childhood music program in Trinidad & Tobago that can see your child through from birth until s/he is successfully making music at the piano-keyboard and/or tenor steelpan.

We do this through a carefully sequenced plan that we often refer to as the pathway to music literacy. This pathway refers to the way Musikgarten develops particular activities, allowing them to evolve in each class in a way that is appropriate to the age and experience of the child.

Many people believe that children are ready to start piano lessons when they start primary school. Still others believe lessons should start earlier. However, research indicates that the best time to start lessons is after a solid musical foundation is in place. Being in Musikgarten classes will help establish that foundation and secure your child’s musical future. ā€‹

How to Register Online for my class?

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  3. Create an account with your email
  4. Proceed to Billing info and Final Checkout for your classā€‹


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