Adults Enjoying Piano Bilingual Class (Unit 1)

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A stress-free approach to music that will help you relax and play familiar music by ear as well as read unfamiliar music.

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This Enjoying Piano Class is suitable for:

Anyone who took lessons as a child and quit, took lessons in the past but can't remember much, learned the traditional way but wants to learn to play by ear, totally clueless beginners who have never studied any Music.
In other words, ANYONE who wants to enjoy playing the piano!

Age range: 16-116yrs
Duration: 8 weekly sessions [2 Units per Semester]
Class length: 50 - 60 mins 

Delivery Methods: Virtual &/or In-person

Locations: Online, Champs Fleurs

Required Course Materials: Student Book, CD/Digital Download with quality music recordings, exclusive access to the e-learning resource page.

Class Instruments: required access to Piano/Keyboard at home, drum.

TUITION per Unit (8 sessions): $800 | Seniors $600*
MATERIALS per Unit: $250

REGISTRATION: $50-$150 (New student)
Payment Methods: Online Banking, LINX, Credit Cards 5% S/C
To Register: Add to Cart and proceed to Final Checkout. You'll receive an automated email order confirmation for your class.

*Over 65yrs? Get $200 Discount on Tuition when you apply Coupon code OVER65 at checkout! Need help with registering? Get in touch with us.

Product Overview

Musikgarten Enjoying the Piano 

Description: Do you love music and just want to engage in some music making fun? Between work and studies, life can have its ups and downs. Maybe playing the piano/keyboard has been a life-long dream or you started when you were younger but never got to continue. Great news! Musikgarten has a curriculum designed just for you and you're not required to have any previous music experience.

​Benefits: Recent scientific studies have established the connection between active music-making and improved physical wellness. This class is a unique opportunity for social interaction across age groups, providing much needed creative fitness for the mind and body. 

​Approach: The aural approach to music literacy in this group class provides a natural pathway to true music literacy. Following a sequential programme which builds a solid foundation in technique, the ability to play by ear, reading music, ensemble playing and music appreciation, this stress-free method offers many benefits to the class beyond the magic of making music with others. You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish!

Pre-requisite: Eagerness to learn and have fun!

Required: Access to a Keyboard/Piano at home or otherwise along with a CD player/mobile device kept near the piano/keyboard for daily practice. Talk to us for recommendations before you purchase an instrument.

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