A Saber Spanish Class (Part 1 of 2)

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Alabanza Music is pleased to offer this class in person and/or via live Zoom sessions, taught by Ms. Lisa. Get your materials and you're ready to begin your bilingual journey in class and from the comfort of your own home!
This is a year-long class with expected participation in both the Parrandero & Calypso Semesters. By registering for this class, you acknowledge and agree to these terms.
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Product Overview

A Saber - Spanish Class

Description: In this Spanish class children will acquire relevant vocabulary for expression and understand basic grammar not by rules but rather practical applications with music making, creative movement and role-play. Children will get to appreciate Spanish within the historical, cultural and geographical context of Trinidad and Tobago. 


  • ​​A simple literacy component ensures that these students not only listen, speak, sing and play in their new language, but read and write as well.
  • E-learning access with supplementary activities including music songs, games, practice videos an

Features of the Material: 

The material contained in this book corresponds to the current Ministry of Education primary school Spanish curriculum guides for standards 1 and 2 in Trinidad and Tobago.

The focus of the book is essentially to provide children aged 7 to 11 with a foundation for foreign language study. In keeping with the Ministry of Education curriculum the books introduce children to:

  • The cultural and linguistic diversity present in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Ethnic groups and key figures in the history of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Linguistic diversity of the Caribbean
  • The presence of Hispanic culture in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Some Spanish speaking countries close to Trinidad and Tobago

Musical & Developmental Goals: Children learn key phrases in their new language through a variety of musical activities including songs and chants and even get to play some musical instruments. This encourages increasing levels of active participation and understanding over time. Children will become familiar with more complex aspects of the language by engaging in tactile and movement-based games and role-play to create real life situations using vocabulary. Children build their confidence in communication through repetition in rap/singing and have a greater sense of accomplishment. 

What makes our Spanish class different? Spanish class is high energy and very interactive when taught by Spanish speaking musical instructors. We're creative people accustomed to the performing arts and can easily compose, arrange, adapt music and include dance, drama, art to suit the learning styles of the students according to their age and experience. We use printed material in class but the reading and writing activities are mostly left for home-work. The e-learning section our website guides you with your at home activities.

Class Length: 45 mins, once a week for 12 weeks

Materials: A Saber Book, in class various percussion instruments