Family Music Classes - Mixed ages (Bilingual)




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$300/child per 3 sessions

Early Registration: $100.



$250 ea


Standard Tuition

$250/child per 3 sessions

Early Registration: $100.


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SANDO GVCC - Saturdays 4:00pm


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30 mins weekly

8-session Cycle

What Activities are done in a Mixed Age Bilingual Music Class?

Some good ole' nursery rhymes from around the world which offer today's children moral values, communication, movement, interaction, repetition and an appreciation for diverse cultural customs.

Bilingual Songs & Rhymes

with traditional and folk repertoire from diverse cultures, namely our Caribbean and Latin American heritage

Movement & Dance

including finger plays, wiggling and tickling, body awareness, dancing with scarves, rocking and bouncing, circle songs.

Focused Listening

with listening excerpts, tonal and rythmic patterns to help shape aural skills and acquaint the child with the nuances of music

Instrument Exploration

after establishing the steady beat in numerous ways, in come the rhythm sticks, rattles, jingles, drums, barred instruments and more!

Now hang on parents... it's normal for children to wander during this class, don't worry.. once they're in the environment they're absorbing it all!

Our Todos Together class is a combination of elements of our Bouncing Bambinos, Playful Piccolos & Active Allegros Classes

Explore the benefits for my family

This inclusive and play-based class celebrates the diversity of languages and cultures by incorporating bilingual elements, exposing children to a rich linguistic and musical experience and is intended to:

     - Cultivate a love for music and languages from an early age
     - Support language development towards multilingualism
     - Foster cultural awareness and appreciation
     - Enhance social, cognitive, and emotional development
     - Strengthen the parent-child bond through shared musical experiences

In a nurturing and structured musical environment, social and leadership skills emerge. Children start to become aware of social norms for behaviour but the youngest are not expected to conform just yet!

Alas! Helping young children learn how to manoevre their bodies through guided movement, balance with calm, focused and quiet moments can improve their impulse control.

Keep the learning going at home

We encourage and support continued musical play and learning at home with families.

We'll provide you with important information on early years (musical) development on a regular basis via our newsletters and access to our e-learning page.
You'll also have ready resources at your fingertips including high quality digital recordings with fine children’s choirs, adult voices and outstanding instrumentalists and your parent guide-songbook along with rhythm sticks, jingles, colorful scarf, giving you all many opportunities for enjoyment.

Here's what parents/caregivers say

"So we came and we were not disappointed. She learned things musically and socially; ... waiting her turn, doing what is asked, following instructions. Although it's still challenging to get her to do those things at home, modelling the behaviour from ideas in class has been helpful. 

In terms of her musicianship, she loves the sticks, she has a nice sense of rhythm going, she loves music.. she's becoming more musically inclined. She sings around the house; she sings questions and conversations and puts everything into music"
Mom of Thalia

Started at age 3, now age 7 at the piano