Todos Together Class (8 sessions)

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Capture your child's imagination with activities designed to bridge the natural connection between music, movement and early learning. Get the family all together, making marvellous music with age-relevant, fun and engaging activities to stimulate their socio-emotional, physical, linguistic and cognitive development.

Mixed Age class is similar to our Family Music for Tots as in Video below

Musikgarten Class: Mixed Ages Family Music All Together (Bilingual)
Age range: Newborn - 5 years

Calypso Semester: February - June [Sessions begin April]
Duration: 8 sessions 
Class length: 35-45 mins with caregiver/parent participation
Online & On-site Locations: View below

Group Size: Online max 8, on-site max 6

Required Class Materials: Parent guide, CD/Digital Download with high quality recordings.$290+

Class Instruments: Online/On-site families must select a new instrument kit for class/home use. $80-$290

Payment Methods: Online Banking, LINX Debit, Credit Cards 5% S/C
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Product Overview

All Together Now: Bilingual Music & Movement Class

Description: When mixed ages come together, it's so much fun! What at a great way to get the family to make music and acquire Spanish together when you have siblings under 5 yrs old. Musikgarten's All Together Now series is designed to be taught to children of mixed ages from babies to infant primary. Activities are written for the core toddler age groups with adaptations for babies and extensions for preschoolers provided. This class is great for families with limited time to all come to the same class sharing time together in ways that are engaging and nurturing for children's development.

Musical Activities: Sing, tap, dance and jump with us as we sing and play together moving with the grooved rhythm sticks and other percussion instruments. 

Developmental Goals: This class provides opportunities for younger children to learn more advanced language from older children and movement possibilities, social and leadership skills seeing how various ages respond.

Music & Spanish: The repertoire is based on nursery rhymes – the beloved poems and chants handed down from generation to generation and we've made it bilingual by including children's songs in Spanish! Nursery rhymes have the staying power of a lasting art form. They offer today’s children the wisdom of the ages as well as what current research and practice tell us children need: communication, movement, interaction, repetition and cultural customs – all experienced in a playful way.

Materials: You’ll receive a wonderful CD/Digital download recorded by a fine children’s choir and outstanding instrumentalists, using your parent guidebook along with an instrument  that comes with the Semester materials to use at home for more fun time together.