Music Education in Schools

Preschool & Primary School Groups

Did you know that by enrolling your child in a Musikgarten class you have taken the first step towards ensuring that your child reaches his/her full music potential? In fact, Musikgarten is the only early-childhood music program in Trinidad & Tobago that can see your child through from birth until s/he is successfully making music at the piano-keyboard.

We do this through a carefully sequenced plan that we often refer to as the pathway to music literacy. This pathway refers to the way Musikgarten develops particular activities, allowing them to evolve in each class in a way that is appropriate to the age and experience of the child.

What is Musikgarten?

Musikgarten is a complete multi-year education programme from birth that helps infants, toddlers and older children develop a deep love of music and the ability to express it. Musikgarten is the leader in early childhood music education internationally with presence in the USA, Canada, Germany, Asia. This revolutionary early music programme, is now available in Trinidad & Tobago, with licensed and certified Early Childhood Music & Movement Specialist, Ms. Lisa and the team.

Through a research-based curriculum, Musikgarten helps develop your child holistically, and the Musikgarten teacher presents music in a way that appeals to parents/caregivers and children and nurtures children's natural inclination toward music, movement and learning. Being in Musikgarten classes will help establish a solid musical foundation and secure your child’s musical future.

Why offer Music in School?

Studies from around the globe have shown that, from a very early age, music lessons can have profound long-term benefits that include improved language development, higher standardized test scores in math and improved graduation rates.

Administrators can now offer Musikgarten; a research-based, developmentally appropriate programme to suit the needs of their children and families. More than just an easy way to introduce your children to music, our classes can play a critical role in a child’s social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development and musical proficiency.

Children of working parents spend more hours in school than ever before. For many families, having their child/ren attend class as an after school activity may be a challenge. With the advent of online school, it offers a unique opportunity for parents/caretakers to be more involved. Our Musikgarten programme with 3-in-one subject ares: music, movement and multilanguage, is unparallelled a wonderful investment in your child/ren's development, supporting their education.






Each Semester is divided into TWO Parts / Themed Units

Calypso Semester (Schools)
Jan - June
Part 1: Jan-Mar | Part 2 Apr-Jun

Parrandero Semester (Schools)
September - Dec
Part 1: Sept-Oct | Part 2 Nov-Dec

UPDATE: Classes are offered online and on-site in compliance with the latest public health ordinances.
When you sign up for a class, you agree to our POLICIES and REOPENING GUIDELINES.

Ages: 0-5yrs

Newborn - 15ms
Bouncing Bambinos

Regular rate: $80/session+

Tots & Preschoolers:
15ms - 4yrs
Playful Piccolos

School rate: $55/pp/session+
Regular rate: $110/session+
Semester Theme: Animal Friends


Description: These classes are action-filled for toddlers, preschoolers and their parents - full of energy, often on the move, exploring and learning, balanced with calming moments to help regulate their emotions.

Activities: We'll experience the joy of playing together through finger plays, wiggling and tickling activities, body awareness songs and bouncing songs. Dancing with scarves and hiding games are also part of the fun!

Musical & Developmental Goals: They'll also be engaged in rocking and bouncing activities, circle songs and listening excerpts and tonal and rhythmic patterns to shape listening skills and acquaint the child with the nuances of music. Movement is a big part of this class to allow children to feel the beat of music and learn about spatial awareness while enhancing their gross motor skills and coordination with instruments such as rhythm sticks, jingles, rattles, occasional use drums.

Parents! It is normal for children to wander during this class, and adults are not to worry... they are still listening while in the environment and taking everything in!

Materials: Additionally, you’ll receive a wonderful CD & Digital Download recordings by a fine children’s choir and outstanding instrumentalists. Using your parent guidebook along with an instrument or scarf that comes with the Semester materials to use at home for more fun time together.

Tuition, Materials & Instruments

Calypso Semester
Part 1: Jan-Mar
Tuition: $440
Materials: $290
(parent book & CD/Digital dwnld)
Instruments: $160+
(2 pr rhythm sticks, jingles)
Calypso Semester
Part 2: Apr-Jun
Tuition: $440
Materials: same
Instruments: same

Other instruments used:
Scarves $50/pr
Hand drum $220+

Benefits for my Tot

  • Rocking, bouncing, and steady beat activities promote the development of rhythm.

  • Fingerplays, instruments build fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination while dancing, stationary games and circle songs improve gross motor skills.

  • Classroom activities aid attention span and aural awareness, help improve impulse control and start to become aware of social norms for behaviour (e.g. everyone is sitting, standing, dancing, listening, singing, following directions); however children may not conform to these norms yet.

  • Children gain independence by leaving parents for listening and/or dancing, while the parent/child emotional bond is still fostered with other classroom activities.

  • It is believed that social interaction by the age of 3 is beneficial for the social skills needed for school later by learning to take turns, listen to teachers, and follow directions.

  • Some children may begin to remember song lyrics, nursery rhymes, and familiar melodic patterns enough to sing them at home (some children may occasionally sing in class, but this is not commonplace until they come into the Allegros Music Makers class).

Active Allegros

School rate: $45/pp/session+
Regular rate: $90/session+
Semester Theme: Wind Dancers


Celebrate your preschooler’s growing independence and love of the outdoors with musical activities around the theme of nature. This class nurtures your growing child’s ability to use language and participate in dramatic play within a musical context.

Activities include: singing, chanting, moving, focused listening, musical games, exploring musical instruments, creative movement and storytelling.

Musical & Developmental Goals: This class is will not only establish the child's foundation for music learning through tuning the voice, developing aural skills, promoting control of gross and fine motor movements, but it will also expand listening capabilities, build self-discipline and social skills through ensemble development, and promote independence and interdependence through movement - skills that impact school readiness and all areas of academic learning.

Materials: Fun family packets including wonderful music on 2 CDs + Digital download, Parent guide-songbook and animal picture listening cards are included for use at home to increase family involvement in the learning process and foster the love and appreciation of music and nature.

Tuition, Materials & Instruments

Calypso Semester
Part 1: Jan-Mar
Tuition: $400
Materials: $380
(parent guide book & 2CDs/Digital dwnlds animal picture listening cards)
Instruments: $160+
(2 pr rhythm sticks, jingles)
Calypso Semester
Part 2: Apr-Jun
Tuition: $400
Materials: same
Instruments: same

Other instruments used:
Scarves $50/pr
Hand drum $220+

Benefits for my Preschooler

  • Focused activities help children to improve memory, attention span and impulse control and helps prepare them for infant primary by learning to listen and follow instructions from a teacher.

  • Children are also taught morals and values in song and learn to value our natural environment.

  • Developing a basic understanding of rhythmic patterns and a sense of pitch from an early age.

  • Learning simple melodies of songs on instruments helps improve fine and gross motor skills.

Piano Preparatory

Ages: 5yrs-7yrs
1stYr - Std 1
Piano Preparatory I

School rate: $50/pp/session+
Regular rate: $100/session+
Part 1 Unit Theme: Cattail
Part 2 Unit Theme: Meadow


Description: This class is Level 1 of our Music Makers & Piano curriculum designed to bridge the gap between earlier Family Music classes and the groundbreaking Music Makers at the Piano class. Children almost 5 years and older are now ready for a more structured music learning experience.

This Music Makers class cultivates the child's musical development through singing, tonal and rhythm patterns, poetry and stories, movement activities, guided listening, instrumental play and manipulative games. Activities are presented in a developmentally sound, playful manner; the focus is on learning through process rather than performance.

Musical Activities & Goals: Rudimentary music skills such as pitch matching, beat competency, ensemble development, and music notation are dealt with using themes from the child's home environment and natural surroundings. Children begin learning more about rests, common melodic patterns, rhythmic patterns, tempo, dynamics and instrument classification etc. Parents join in towards the end of the session.

We will be doing a wide variety of “hands-on” activities designed to build a strong musical foundation through:

  • Drumming & percussion instrument play
  • Developing the singing voice
  • Movement, both creative and structured
  • Building the necessary listening skills to lead to long-term success in instrumental study
  • Beginning the process of playing in ensembles along with learning about orchestral instruments
  • The first steps in reading music
  • The songs, stories and sounds from the world of nature in different environments: My Neighbourhood/At the Seashore/Woodlands/Cattail Marsh/Meadow

Instruments Used: Rhythm sticks, Drums, Jingles, Resonator Bars, Glockenspiel, Piano-Keyboard.

​​+Materials: Packets with themed materials [ Parent Guide book, Musikgarten Recordings, Poster, Coloured Photos]

Tuition, Materials & Instruments

Calypso Semester
Part 1: Jan-Mar
Tuition: $400
Materials: $290
(Folder with listening activities, notation cards, parent guide, CD/Digital Dwnld)
Instruments: $220-$450
( glockenspiel, hand drum. Keyboard can be used in place of glockenspiel)
Calypso Semester
Part 2: Apr-Jun
Tuition: $400
Materials: $290
(Folder with listening activities, notation cards, parent guide, CD/Digital Dwnld)
Instruments: same

Other instruments used:
Scarves $50/pr
Jingles: $90/pr
Rhythm sticks: $40/pr

Benefits for my Primary Schooler

  • Noted author and neuroscience educator Jane Healy speaks about children whose parents have chosen more "academic" pursuits for their children:
    "Studies show that 4-, 5-, and 6-year-olds in heavily "academic" classes tend to become less creative and more anxious - without gaining significant advantages over their peers."
    Jane M. Healy
    Your Child's Growing Mind

  • Learning melodies, scales and chords on the instruments, helps improve more difficult fine and gross motor skills and in doing solos, helps to manage and overcome performance anxiety.
  • Cooperative activities foster social interaction and help children become more vocal.
  • Longer focused activities help students to improve memory and attention span.
  • Pitch and rhythm training from early helps in developing the ability to play melodies by ear and being able to identify basic harmonic progressions.

Ages: 6yrs-9yrs
Std 1 -3
Piano Preparatory II

School rate: $60/pp/session+
Regular rate: $110/session+
Part 1 Unit Theme: German Music
Part 2 Unit Theme: Blk Music Culture

At the Piano

Ages: 8yrs+
Std 3 onwards
At the Piano - Level 1

School rate: $75/pp/session+
Regular rate: $120/session+

Ages: 8yrs+
Std 3 onwards
At the Piano - Level 2

Regular rate: $120/session+

Ages: 8yrs+
Std 3 onwards
At the Piano - Level 3

Regular rate: $120/session+

Ages: 8yrs+
Std 3 onwards
At the Piano - Level 4


Try out one of our classes in January 2022 for FREE!

Ages: Newborn-4yrs
(babies, toddlers, preschoolers)
Drop-in Session: $100

Ages: 5-7yrs
(Primary: 1stYr- Std 1)
Drop-in Session: $100

Ages: 7yrs +
(Std 1 -3)
Drop-in Session: $100

Ages: 9yrs +
(Std 3 onwards)
Drop-in Session: $100

Other Musikgarten classes

Newborn - 4yrs+
Babies, Tots, Presch
Todos Together - Mixed ages

Regular rate: $85/session+
Sibling Add-on: $55/session+
Theme: Twist & Turn

For Preschools
Preschool Music Keys

Preschool Groups

Enjoying Piano

Regular rate: $90/session+
Seniors rate: $70/session+
Levels 1, 2, 3

The Musikgarten Advantage

Caters to children's needs

Musikgarten is the only programme that caters for the unique developmental needs of children at each age.

Exploring Various Cultures

Musikgarteners get to explore culture through a variety of classical and folk songs and dances from all around the world, including repertoire in foreign languages such as Spanish, French, German..

Interrelated Material

All of the classes are interrelated, so that material introduced at one level serves as building blocks for the next level.

High Quality Education

By using only the highest-quality educational resources and instruments, you can help deepen a child's appreciation for music and the natural world around, building a foundation for life-long music making

Sequential programme

As the children grow-up in Musikgarten, this sequential planning makes it easier for the students to develop musical competence and graduate to instrumental playing and performance.

Understanding Children

The Musikgarten teacher presents music in a way that appeals to parents and their children and nurtures children’s natural inclination toward music, movement and learning.

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