Spanish Classes

Why Multilingualism?​
Recent research shows multilingual students make academic gains in reading and mathematics at double or triple the rates of their English-only-speaking peers.
Oregan State University, 2018
Musical Español
Wouldn't it be great to just be able to speak with fluency and confidence? You can! We learn to speak before we could read or write. You probably still remember your early childhood songs and sing near perfect Spanish alongside Parang favourites or doing Karaoke to La Bamba by Ritchie Valens. 

Therefore, what better way to acquire a second language than with music by placing emphasis first on listening (aural skills) which in turn aids in developing confidence in oral expression. After that, getting it on paper with reading and writing becomes much easier.​
Spanish beyond the book!
By integrating visual and performing arts experiences into the language learning experiences, children gain confidence quickly and naturally in a way that is fun and engaging.
What makes our Spanish class different?
Spanish class is high energy and very interactive when taught by Spanish speaking musical instructors. We're creative people accustomed to the performing arts and can easily compose, arrange, adapt music and include dance, drama, art to suit the learning styles of the students according to their age and experience. You're probably wondering... yes we do use printed material but those are usually for your home-work activities.
Learning goes beyond age
Children's minds are like sponges ready to soak in whatever they see or hear. Therefore children who learn a language from young are more likely to become fluent and develop good pronunciation. So you're an adult and if you're thinking it's too late, don't worry. Adults do well to acquire language by making meaningful associations with their life experiences once they're committed to learning alongside children so that reinforcement could take place at home and in the family.
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